29 12 2007

By, Ashmin Chowdhury

© December 29, 2007

They wrapped me in my white cloak,

Everything aches…please be gentle,

Tears flow endlessly as it clouds my vision,

I hear cries around me,

I can’t tell one from the other.

Who is that…that touches my face so gently?

I lay in silence as years, moments, sadness,

happiness flashes by in a split second.

Is that all I’ve done?

What could have I done differently?

Have they all forgiven me?

Before I could think twice, I feel a shake,

They are moving me,

The crowd fades away to a few.

I see bushes and grassy meadows.

My velvety-luxury blanket has been replaced,

Replaced with muddy-dirt.

My fancy clothes have been torn to white shrouds.

I fall into darkness as they close my eyes shut…




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