“Caste System” Is it that serious???

3 01 2008
As I watched the news my jaws dropped in awe and horror or the news that was unfolding before my eyes. In disbelief of what one would do for so-called “caste system” and “love marriage” in the Indian culture. Since we share the same sub-continent of Asia and once was the same country…I empathize with my “desi” people. I won’t say much and let the story tell it self.


Prosecutors: Father Killed Pregnant Daughter Over Marriage Choice

Indian Community Reeling Over Alleged Domestic Violence

POSTED: 2:43 pm CST January 2, 2008
UPDATED: 7:42 pm CST January 2, 2008

MARKHAM, Ill. — The Hindu caste system was outlawed in India years ago, but prosecutors say that system played a role in the mind of the man who set the fire that killed his own pregnant daughter, 3-year-old grandson and the son-in-law prosecutors say he didn’t like.

The fire was set Saturday, but prosecutors say the fuse was lit long ago when 22-year-old Monika Rani married a man from a lower social and religious caste without asking her father’s permission.In a hearing at the Markham courthouse Tuesday morning, Cook County Judge Martin McDonough ordered Oak Forest’s Subhash Chander, 57, held without bond in connection with the arson and killing of Chander’s pregnant daughter Monika Rani, 22; her husband Rajesh Kumar, 30; and their son Vansh.This was the third Chicago-area case in one year involving an Indian family, domestic violence and fire. NBC 5 asked counselors who serve the Indian community about that on Wednesday.The Hamdard Center in Addison provides domestic violence counseling to more than 270 Indian and Pakistani families every year. Chairman Dr. Mohammad Hamid said the threat to family honor is a common thread in these cases, but said there is no evidence domestic violence is more common in the Indian community than other cultures.The difference, counselors said, is that Indian families often refuse to get help before anger turns to rage.”They want to keep this a private matter and solve it at home,” said Hamid.Relatives of Chander have insisted he did not set the fire.Counselors said if the allegations are true, this is an extreme and isolated case they hope will call attention to the problem of domestic violence in every community.

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