My Reflections…

24 11 2007


“Every trial (from Allah) is a favor for us.” At-Tabari 13:448

Allah said next, “Verily, Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower.”

Allah hears the supplication and knows those who deserve help and triumph.

While reading this it made me reflect on the recent catastrophic cyclone that Bangladesh was hit with. Subhanallah that is one of the worst cyclones that has hit Bangladesh in the last three or four decades if not longer. We’ve had our share of natural disasters. It was so painful for me to watch ten children who were sitting around and crying and saying how their parents are dead, uncle/aunts are dead, and grandparents are dead. Practically the entire family of these children have been wiped out. There aren’t any fresh water to drink, no food, dead bodies everywhere, no shelter…I can’t even imagine. One lady was crying and saying how her husband died on his way to the market and how there’s no food and wishes she was dead instead of him. But, every trial that we are afflicted with is a favor from Allah. Its a way for us to expiate our sins and to tests us to see if we really do believe in Him. What do you do when everything you know, everything that gives meaning in your life is wiped out? Do you give up on your faith and denounce everything? Say, the hell with life, I don’t wanna live anymore?Obviously, no! That’s when we hold on to our deen, clench to it with all our might, our strength, with our teeth, and supplicate to Allah to make it easy. Ultimately, we are slaves of Allah and our purpose in life is to Worship Him Alone, Subhana Watala.Its like a surgeon losses his hands, a mother losses her daughter, old man becomes blind, a rich person becomes poor… Everything that gives meaning to ‘our lives’ in the worldly sense is gone!

BUT, WE HAVE TO KEEP GOING…we rebuild…We Don’t GIVE UP!!! When life brings you to your knees, your are in the best position to pray. Put your tawakkul (trust) in Allah that he’ll help you make it through.

May Allah make it easy on all of us to go through any tests that befalls us and make it easy for the Muslims in Bangladesh to come closer to Him, Subhana WAtala. Ameen 

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